DC Crime - 2010


2010 Crime Statistics

In 2010 there were over 30,000 serious crimes in Washington DC.

30% of all crimes were thefts, the most common crime.

Ward 2, Downtown, had 17% of all crimes the most of any ward.

Ward 3, West of Rock Creek Park, had 6% of all crime, the least.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

2573 assaults in 2010.

4 assaults per 1000 people.


42 cases of arson in 2010.

Turns out, not many people start fires.


4162 burglaries in 2010.

Burglary is breaking and entering with intent to commit theft.


132 homicides in 2010.

2 Murders per 10,000 DC residents.

Ward 8, SE Anacostia, had 37% of all the murders.

Ward 2 had 1 murder, the least of any ward.


3958 robberies in 2010.

Robbery is theft that includes a form of violence.

Sexual Abuse

141 cases of sexual abuse in 2010.

Ward 2 had 23% of cases, most of any ward.

Stolen Automobiles

4071 stolen automobiles in 2010.

7 stolen cars per 1000 DC residents.


8967 thefts in 2010.

Theft is taking something from someone with the intent to permanently deprive them of it.

15 thefts per 1000 DC residents.

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